The Mission

This ARC8 Expert Group will discuss the opportunities, risks, and challenges related to inclusion in internationalisation of higher education. and develop a chapter dedicated to this topic in the ARC8 Outlook Report 2030: Inclusive and Diverse Higher Education in Asia and Europe.

The ARC8 Expert Group will present their chapter at the ARC8 Conference on 10 September 2021. During their session, the experts will present recommendations on advancing inclusion in international exchanges to the ASEM Senior Officials and university leaders in Asia and Europe. 

Key topics discussed in this chapter are: equity in internationalisation, balanced mobility, access to opportunities, underrepresented groups in internationalisation, virtual exchanges, internationalisation at home, intercultural exchanges.

ARC8 Expert Group Sessions

In the span of 8 months, ARC8 Experts share knowledge and discuss specific opportunities, risks, and challenges related to inclusive international mobility of people and knowledge. During each Expert Group Session, two ARC8 Experts give a 10-minute presentation each. After every presentation, members of the Expert Group ask questions, give comments, and contribute towards making the discussion more in-depth.

These ARC8 Expert Group sessions are essential to the process of developing the output, an entire chapter dedicated to the specific topic as part of the report ARC8 Outlook 2030: Inclusion and Diversity in Higher Education in Asia and Europe.

The PowerPoint Presentations of experts and the summary of their presentations are made available here.

Session Summaries

What our experts said...

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