Mr Robert NAPIER

Immediate Past President, European Students Union (ESU)

Member of ARC8 Expert Group on Equitable Access and Success in Higher Education 


Mr Robert NAPIER is the immediate past President of the European Students Union (ESU). He holds a Bachelor of Laws (Hons.) and a Master of Advocacy from the University of Malta. Mr Napier has a passion for Human Rights and is very keen on ensuring the understanding and implementation of the Social Dimension within the Higher Education area.

Robert has been involved in the student movement for more than four years and has served on the National Students’ Council in Malta as Social Policy Commissioner, Secretary-General and President. At ESU, his main areas of work are social dimension (including Sustainable Development Goals), Bologna Follow-Up Group (BFUG), cooperation with other organisations: Council of Europe (CoE), Eurostudent, E4 group (ENQA, EURASHE, ESU and EUA), UNESCO as well as the European Education Area (EEA) Student Card.


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