Executive Director, ECHO, Center for Diversity Policy, The Netherlands

Member of the Executive Committee, European Access Network (EAN)

Member Executive Committee, Global Access to Postsecondary Education (GAPS)

Member of ARC8 Expert Group on Equitable Access and Success in Higher Education 

Mary Tupan-Wenno is the executive director of ECHO, Center for Diversity Policy in The Hague, the Netherlands. Her professional involvement in diversity and inclusion developments in higher education started at the Dutch Ministry of Education Culture and Science.

Mary has more than 25 years of experience with policy and program development to improve access and success of underrepresented groups in higher education, with a specific focus on ethnic diversity. Mary is a founding member of the European Access Network (1991) and of GAPS, Global Access to Postsecondary Education initiative (2016) and a member of the Board of both EAN and GAPS.

ECHO is a non-profit organisation focusing on the development of new strategies, policy and practices to improve diversity and inclusion in higher education and the labour market. ECHO collaborates nationally and internationally with schools, universities, businesses, governments, student- and community organisations.

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