Dr Wayne HOLMES, Lecturer on Learning Sciences and Innovation and UNESCO Consultant



Lecturer on Learning Sciences and Innovation, Institute of Education, University College London;

UNESCO Consultant on AI and Education

Member of ARC8 Expert Group on Inclusive Learning and Teaching in a Digital World

Dr Wayne Holmes (PhD, University of Oxford) is a learning sciences and innovation researcher, who is based at University College London. For almost a decade, he has focused on the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to both enhance and further understand learning, and its ethical and social implications.

He has co-authored three books about AI and education, including: “Artificial Intelligence in Education. Promise and Implications for Teaching and Learning” (Holmes et al., 2019). He also advises the UK’s All Party Parliamentary Group on AI (Education Taskforce) and UNESCO on the pedagogical, ethical and social implications of AI for education (including co-leading UNESCO’s ‘AI in Education: Guidance for Policymakers’ and ‘Teaching AI for K12’ portal).

Previously, he was a researcher at University College London and The Open University, and he has taught at the Universities of Bristol and Oxford. He has given invited talks about AI and education in Brazil, China, Croatia, Germany, Greece, India, Japan, Oman, Spain, and the US.

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