Professor Ni Nyoman Tri PUSPANINGSIH

Executive Director for Airlangga Global Engagement
Universitas Airlangga
Professor Ni Nyoman Tri PUSPANINGSIH obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and continued with a Master’s and a Doctorate degrees focusing in Biochemistry, until she achieved her Professor title of Biochemistry in 2010. Recently, she was appointed as an Adjunct Professor at the Asia University, Taiwan. Since 1987, she has worked in several positions in Universitas Airlangga: as a Biochemistry lecturer at Department of Chemistry (1987-present), as the Head of Proteomic Laboratory at Institute for Tropical Disease (2011-present), as the Director of Academic Affairs (2007-2017), and the most recently as the Executive Director of Airlangga Global Engagement (2017-present). She was experienced in research programs held by JSPS (short course fellows, Japan) and University of Groningen (post doctoral fellows KNAW, Netherlands). Her research interests include the structure and function analysis of Lignocellulolytic Enzymes. She has collaborated with overseas universities, research institutes, and industries on her research.
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