Ms Thérèse ZHANG

Regional Organisation
Deputy Director, Higher Education Policy Unit
European University Association (EUA)
Ms Thérèse ZHANG is the Deputy Director for Higher Education Policy at the European University Association (EUA). She works on topics related to learning and teaching, European policy developments in higher education, and global relations with other regions of the world. She has been active in higher education policy/management and, more generally, project management in education and culture, for over fifteen years. When Ms Zhang first joined EUA in 2008, she focused on quality management and institutional development, with responsibilities in various projects and in EUA’s Institutional Evaluation Programme. As a Project Manager at the Belgian French-speaking quality assurance agency, she also coordinated evaluations and contributed to developing evaluation methodologies. Her earlier experience includes serving as a French teacher for several years. Ms Zhang is a graduate in Romance Philology and in European Studies, and was trained in Belgium, Italy, and the United States. In ARC7, Ms Zhang is the moderator in the Working Group Session Part 1 “Taking Action at Home: SDGs as Core Pillars of University Governance”.
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