Executive Director
ASEAN University Network (AUN)
Dr Choltis DHIRATHITI is currently the Executive Director of the ASEAN University Network (AUN), an inter-governmental organization under the ASEAN Secretariat. He is also a Lecturer in Politics at the Faculty of Political Science at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. Dr Dhirathiti has been teaching normative political theory at Chulalongkorn University since 1996. His academic research interests include history of Western political thought, philosophical idealism and political ethics. His public services to the public sector in Thailand involve thinking-skill trainings and public sector strategies. Dr Dhirathiti has worked for ASEAN University Network (AUN) since 2009 where he employs his experience on public sector strategies, policy consultancy and human resource development to the work of regional and multilateral cooperation among universities in Southeast Asia. In ARC7, Dr Dhirathiti is the moderator in Working Group Session Part 1 “Taking Action at Community Level: SDGs as Drivers of University Societal Impact”.
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