Professor Martin HELLSTRÖM

University West
Professor Martin HELLSTRÖM is a Professor of Literature. He obtained his doctorate in 1990. His dissertation’s title was Veritas amoris. Die ‘Tristan’ – Konzeption Gottfried von Strassburg. He was a Foreign Lecturer at Umeå University (1991-1993), Lecturer in German at Mid-Sweden University (1993-1994) and subsequently Lecturer (1995), Associate Professor (2003), and then Professor (2011) in German literature at the University of Gothenburg, and Professor of Literature at the University of Borås (2012). He was head of the subject of German at Mid-Sweden University (1993-1994), Head of the Department of German and Dutch (1997-2001, 2006-2007), Vice Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Gothenburg (2007-2011), Pro Vice-Chancellor at the University of Borås (2011-2016) and since 2017 Vice-Chancellor of the University of West. In ARC7, Professor Hellström is a speaker in the Working Group Session Part 2 “Taking Action at Home: SDGs as Core Pillars of University Governance”.
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