Professor Alpaslan ÖZERDEM

Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research
Coventry University
United Kingdom
Professor Alpaslan ÖZERDEM has engaged in the development and implementation of strategy, policy making and evaluation in the areas of humanitarianism and post-conflict reconstruction with practical and academic experience of nearly 20 years in conflict and peace studies. He has extensive experience in researching, advising, teaching, and publishing in the politics of humanitarian interventions, role of faith in conflict prevention, youth in peacebuilding, rising powers in peace and conflict, disaster management, security sector reform (SSR), reintegration of former combatants and post-conflict state building. Professor Özerdem teaches methods of conflict and political analysis in a wide range of operational environments in the context of war-to-peace transition, and also, the analysis of the challenges faced in peacemaking, peacekeeping and peace building processes, and approaches for designing effective post-conflict reconstruction responses through tailor-made policies and strategies. In ARC7, Professor Özerdem is a speaker in the Working Group Session Part 1 “Taking Action at International Level: SDGs as a Catalyst to Reorient Internationalisation”.
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