Director of Economic an Business Development
City of Espoo

Ms Tuula ANTOLA is an engineer inspired by people, and an innovation activist with a passion for entrepreneurship and creative destruction as source of renewal. She works as the Economic and Business Development Director for the City of Espoo with a focus on developing the enablers for growth of the Espoo Innovation Garden ecosystem. Ms Antola has a M.Sc.(tech) degree from Aalto University School of Engineering in Environmental Management, Paper Technology. After her studies she has co-founded three startups, and worked in both local SME’s and global companies – in headhunting, market research and environmental management. She has also authored a book on Leadership for Innovativeness (published in Finnish in 2006) as well as several articles related to creativity, innovativeness and sustainability.

She is an experienced keynote speaker in seminars and conferences as well as a facilitator and moderator of workshops and events, both in Finland and international.

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