Dr Imran UDDIN

Vice-Rector of Education and Student Policies
Artevelde University College Ghent
Dr Imran UDDIN born and raised in Belgium is a first-generation student who attended university. He obtained his PhD in History at the University of Leuven in 2006. Since 2000 he has worked in various functions at different higher education institutions: tutor for first year students at his alma mater, staff member with a focus on education, study and student guidance, and equal opportunities and diversity at Leuven University College and head of the department of social studies at that same institution. Since 2015 he is the director of education and student policies at Artevelde University College Ghent with a focus on educational development, digital learning, internationalisation, study guidance and student services, quality assurance and marketing and communication. He is also president of the European Access network and of the Support Centre for Inclusive Higher Education. In ARC7, Dr Uddin is a speaker in the Working Group Session Part 2 “Taking Action at Community Level: SDGs as Drivers of University Societal Impact”.
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